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• 5/1/2017

Whisker's Couple Ads

Bc why not.

Open but hesitant, not sure what I want for him yet.

Someone who can bring the playfulness out in her again, but not obnoxious. Any faction is welcome. Needs to be protective.

An apprentice, someone energetic and cheerful like her, and willing to give her plenty of attention. Maybe even someone sarcastic? Any faction welcome.

Preferably a warrior who can bring out the laughter in him, and losen the poor guy up, like how he used to be. HC only.

Not sure, he's a tough nut to crack. I imagine she'd have to be just as respectable as he, likely someone with a title or proven "work-ethic". He basically wants to read a work application...?! I dunno, still feeling him out, just not a pin-headed lady. Any Clan.

Ahhh, Sundork! I love him. As of right now, I think he might be independent until I can figure out how he's going to suffer in his life because of his relation with Berrystar. Just give me some time with him!~

Admire him, and his heart is yours. However, he's probably extremely flirtatious and indecisive, so expect him to (possibly) take up one or more mate...unless she can set him straight in his arrogant ways. Any faction.

She needs someone mature, but not a robot. Not too sure about her, but she definitely hates arrogance. She seems to, however, think of herself highly (how ironic, hah), so he needs to be extremely cute and willing to impress her as much as he can. Basically, worship her. Any faction.

Although he's super scary and intimidating, dark little Oak is a pretty shy and timid guy, who's not all that sure of himself. He'd need someone supportive and very trusting, although I imagine he and his mate having a very rough and dramatic relationship for some time. Any faction.

I love little Wolfie! He needs someone to chill him out and be very laid-back, as well as supportive. However, she best not be someone lazy. She needs to be highly ranked, whether it be a respected warrior or what not. Also, she'll have to face the judgemental wrath of Flowerfrost. Any faction, but BC preferred.

And now, the energetic sister. Flowerfrost needs a mate with energy who will, also, have to face the extremely protective wrath of big brother Wolfshadow. Which means he'll have to be impressive, bold, and willing to step up to a challenge...because Flowerfrost is a handful. Any faction, BC preferred.

Like Flowerfrost, Sunblaze is very energetic, but also a cunning little...turd. She's full of energy and very...creative. She enjoys pulling pranks and making others suffer, although it's all for good laughs. So, her mate will need to be capable of tolerating her playful antics, and be able to keep up with her. All factions, one outside of hers is preferred (so Lightstorm can be a protective jerk).

Lightstorm tends to be a very judgemental and introverted guy. It takes time to make him to trust another, so his mate will need to be patient...and probably tolerant of a few sour comments every once in a while. SwC only.
To be continued when I have time, will announce when this is updated!
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• 4/20/2017

Character Plot #1

So this is basically about all my major characters/high ranks that I want to do plots with. So feel free to comment more ideas :)
First up is HoneyClan's medicine cat, Juniperleaf. I would like for her to have a mate in the future, around the time she takes on an apprentice. So basically she will fall in love with him, nothing too drastic, however the different thing here is that she'll step down before she becomes mates or is said to be expecting. Then her successor will succeed her and she will become a warrior able to have her kiddos.
Next is a few of my BeeClan high ranks, leader and deputy - Minnowstar and Runningbrook. So first is Minnowstar, I want her to have a little love drama as well as trouble with some sort of battle or argument with another Clan (which I will message Whiskers about later). For the love drama, I'd like her future mate to have a troubled background and secrets that she slowly finds out; something tragic. Next is when they become mates some deep dark secret comes out about him, that only she knows and I guess a cat from his past shows up trying to break them up and share the secret. Minnowstar will however be faced with banishing or killing the cat, something bad happens taking one of Minnow's lives and her future mate kills the cat.
Now to Runningbrook, she needs a mate before her untimely death. She will be dying from Blood Loss whilst Kitting so she will have the most being five kittens. However, I would like her to be in some sort of love triangle where she has to choose a tom over the other.
Third up is SweetClan's leader, deputy, and medicine cat. First is Jaystar,a kind and sweet soul. His is simple he just needs a lovely lady to die old with him. So his only thing is getting to know a lady and "proposing" as cats do then they have a litter of two kittens.
On to the deputy, Sorrelfang. Sorrelfang, as most of you know her, needs something tragic to happen to either herself or Falconheart, before this guy's death that is, that makes her turn a little heartless and not care for anything. Of course during this all Falcon will be there for her until he dies. Afterwards, she will have all sorts of horrible breakdowns and issues with having any feelings for anything, turning her to a cold, heartless lady.
Next is the medicine cat, Cheetahspirit. He needs some sort of trial that makes him question himself as a medicine cat. He may end up dying or growing old, that's undecided right now. Maybe he can fall in love and the lady confess but he quickly shuts her down afraid of disappointing StarClan.
Lastly is my BayClan peeps, Cinderleaf and Blizzardstorm. First is Cinderleaf, who needs a mate. She'll have a bit of action as deputy, of course. But before stepping down she needs a mate, in which she will become pregnant and take a short break during that, in which some other cat fills her place as deputy shortly, before she takes her place back once the babes are apprenticed. So during the time that Cove grows old, Cinder will too, so eventually she will step down as deputy, too old for it anymore, become a senior warrior briefly before she retires with mate.
Next is Blizzardstorm, he needs more friends and I think I want him to have feelings for his successor but be shot down after he makes her a full med cat. For this, he will turn kind of silent and afraid of telling his feelings.
So here's all the cats, I will be picky about them as they are high ranking cats. I will not choose someone who just wants their character to have a high rank cat as a friend/mate, that's weird to me. I want someone who's into the plots and wants to help better them. So comment your plots away.
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• 2/28/2015

Roleplay plot talk

1. Can break code.
2. Don't disagree with what another person wants.
3. Don't argue. It won't get you anywhere.
4. Say it. If you want something crazy say it. Rule 2. can make sure it happens.
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• 2/24/2015

Leader Vote

Here, we will vote for the leader of Project Characters.
1. You cannot vote for yourself.
2. If nominating, give valid reasons why they should be leader.
3. You may only vote once.
4. The nominated user must have demonstrated they can set up a page properly.
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• 2/23/2015

Senior Warriors

Nominate and vote for Senior Warriors here. 
A few rules:
1. You can't nominate yourself.
2. You can't vote for yourself
3. A the user being nominated must accept the nomination.
4. A reason must be provided for each nomination.
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• 2/22/2015

Leader Vote

Here, we will vote for the leader of Project Charart.
1. You cannot vote for yourself.
2. If nominating, give valid reasons why they should be leader.
3. You may only vote once.
Vote ends once everyone votes or on Friday.
Any other rules can be suggested. Good luck!
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• 2/22/2015

Suggestions for the Wiki

1. Maybe we could have a charart approval page and stuff.
2.  We could make pages for each cat.
3.  You can reserve as many chararts as you want, but if you leave it untouched for a week or two, it'll declined.
4. Maybe there can be a BayClan, which is cave on a cliff overlooking the sea.
These are just suggestions.
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