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Current BayClan
Past HoneyClan
Age 27 moons (Approx. 2.25 years)
Status Living
Debut BayClan/Roleplay
Father Unknown
Mother Leopardnose
Siblings Sunkit (half), Mothkit (half), Sootkit (half)
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Rainlegs

Birdtail is a fluffy-furred tabby-and-white molly with a bobbed tail. She is a warrior of BayClan, after leaving HoneyClan when she was an apprentice. Her mother is Leopardnose.



Birdtail has a rounded white muzzle with a pinkish-black nose and clear amber eyes that don't vary in color. Her ears are triangular shaped with pink skin in them and some white fur in them.

Her fur is fluffy, not thick like cats in her Clan have, but her fur may adjust over time. Her brown tabby fur with black stripes has some white patches in it. With her fluffy fur, she is warm in the winter, but sometimes hot in the summer. Her fur is hard to groom because it gets in your face, but Birdtail takes time out of her day to groom it, and there are usually no tangles. Her underbelly is white, and her underfur slightly touches the ground.

Birdtail's legs are slightly longer then most cats's legs in BayClan, and normal length in HoneyClan. Her legs look like her fur, with white paws.

Birdtail's tail is just a brown tabby stump, hence her name.


Birdtail is physically healthy, getting exercise from training, hunting, and fishing.

Birdtail is mentally healthy.


Birdtail is vastly different than her mother. The molly is noted to be optimistic, outgoing, and immature, easily getting along with many cats in the Clan.Though she is immature, she doesn't do dares(unless she hears it as an idea), only races and things an apprentice would do. She is fun, and is the cat to be around in your free time or when you are sad.

Her outgoing, confident nature has made her well-known throughout the Clans, and she is sure of her decisions. Once she makes them, you can't change her mind. Cats try not to bring up a bad idea, because Birdtail will try that idea, as she tries out any ideas she hears. This has landed her in the medicine den a few times, mostly from Applenose's dares.


Birdtail is great at fishing and swimming, though she is still learning to swim. She is ok at fighting.


Kithood and AdolescenceEdit

Birdkit grew up in HoneyClan, after being the sole survivor of one of Leopardnose's later litters.
She lived a relatively normal life in HoneyClan, but preferred fishing as a style of hunting, unlike her other clanmates. As a young apprentice, she was down by the river when a storm hit, and she was thrown into the water by the wind. She tumbled and floated down the river, unconscious for the most part, and wound up in BayClan. The clan took her in and kept her until she healed up, and she was escorted home, where the clan had figured her dead. She continued her training in HoneyClan, and earned her warrior name, Birdtail.


A few moons after her warrior ceremony, Birdtail was out fishing when another storm hit, and was pushed into the water, over the edge of the gorge, by one of her clanmates, in an attempt to kill her and start a battle. She floated down the river, once again, to BayClan, where she was found and healed. When it came time for her to return home, however, the tabby refused, and told them to simply tell Leopardnose and Hollystar that she was alive, but chose to stay with BayClan, as they had treated her better than HoneyClan.
She is first seen walking into camp with a large tuna a few weeks later, tired after such a long day of fishing. Covestar approaches her and compliments her catch, admitting he was glad she had joined the clan, and she quickly thanks him. The two talk about swimming strategies, and Covestar tells her he's willing tot each her how to deal with rougher water. Pondripple tells her that she's been assigned to a second hunting patrol, and Birdtail invites Covestar to come with them, so that if the tide were in, they could practice swimming.
When they got closer to the bay, Birdtail takes off running, challenging the rest of the patrol to join in. Covestar dashes after her, and she ends up beating him by a tiny margin.






Unnamed Half-Siblings:

Unnamed cats:Statuses unknown, most likely living




Birdtail loves her mother dearly, but can't help feeling not that close to her. With her mother having so many litters, she finds it hard to talk to her mother. Also, Birdtail feels like she is one of her mother's least favorite kits. She misses her mother, but not much.

Sunkit, Mothkit, and Sootkit

Birdtail doesn't know her half siblings exist.



Birdtail likes Pondripple for her personality, but hasn't really talked to her all that much, and doesn't consider her a friend yet.

Love InterestsEdit


Birdtail became friends with Covestar the moment she joined. She feels like she loves him, thinking they are so similar, and meant to be together.



See Love Interests.



Birdtail knew that Applenose liked Covestar, like her. She understands what love feels like, but doesn't consider her a normal cat because Applenose is rude to her. She doubts that Covestar would choose a cat like her, so she chose not to become enemies with her yet.


None yet!


· She will be in a love triangle with Covestar and Applenose.





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