Covestar is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current BayClan
Age 11 moons
Status Living
Debut BayClan/Roleplay/Archive 1
Father Pebblefang
Mother Swanheart
Sibling Two Unnamed Cats
Mate None
Kits None
Mentor Lakestar
Leader Position
Predecessor Lakestar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Pebblefang
Successor cs
Owner Whiskers
Covestar is a dark gray tabby tom with green eyes and a chip in his right ear. He is the current leader of BayClan, living there all his life. He currently has all of his lives (9/9), becoming leader after the death of Lakestar, his mentor. Covestar is the son of Pebblefang and Swanheart, his littermates being two unknown cats.

He is a troubled cat, although may not appear to be so off-hand. He is playful in nature, but also strongly dedicated to his clan and its growth. As a result, he spends day-and-night fighting with himself in his head, juggling between his desires to fantasize and play, as well as rule the clan and make improvements. Regardless, outside of his internal struggles, Covestar is a jolly and free-spirited cat who doesn't like to sugar coat things. Despite being friendly, Covestar is selective about his few 'close' friends, and prefers to rule his Clan with his heart, rather than his brain. 



Covestar's pelt, like most of his clanmates, is rather thick, yet utterly soft and silky to the touch. His fur is short in length, but works great at keeping out water while swimming. His fur is dark gray in color, helping him blend in with rocks near his camp. Covestar has darker gray mackerel tabby stripes, and not a touch of white on his well-kept pelt. His fur isn't the easiest to groom, but Covestar is willing to take time out of his day to keep it clean. His fur has a slight shine to it, and is always parasite-free. He currently doesn't have any visible scars on his pelt, as his fur tends to grow over it. When it comes to shedding, Covestar sheds in clumps rather than hair by hair.

Covestar has a muscular build and stands at a taller height than an average cat. His legs are long and muscular, made to fight against currents while swimming. His paws are rather large and his toes wide-spread with webs inbetween, enabling him to be a strong swimmer. To go along with his swimming abilities, his shoulders are broad and often stick out of his strong back. Covestar's tail is an average length, giving him typical balancing skills. His eyes are green in color, fading to a lighter shade as they near his pupils. He has a notable cut in his right ear he received in a border patrol skirmish that doesn't effect his hearing, while his right ear doesn't have any scars. His head is large, slowly tapering into a well-rounded, larger muzzle, with a strong jaw tucked neatly underneath it. Covestar's pale paw-pads are rather strong and thick, helping him walk over sharp rocks while in rivers. His silvery whiskers are an average length, helping him sense his surroundings. Overall, he is considered a rather handsome tom.

Covestar's claws are an average length, their sharpness depending on when and how he sharpens them. Usually, he sharpens them whenever he feels, often on trees or driftwood that has washed onto shore near his camp. His teeth are healthy, a white-yellow color and sharp. Covestar is often seen standing with his legs fairly spread apart, about shoulder width. His tail is often held high to show that he's friendly, and his ears pricked to show that he's alert. He keeps his claws sheathed and a faint smirk on his face, his eyes often gleaming with mischief, though he's maturing very slowly. Covestar's voice is fairly deep, usually not revealing any emotion.


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Kithood & Adolescence

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Pebblefang: Deceased, verified StarClan member


Swanheart: Deceased, verified StarClan member


Two Unnamed Cats: Status unknown, suspected to be deceased




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Throughout their kithood, the two were friends and hung out frequently, almost always seen side-by-side. As apprentices, their relationship blossomed and grew even stronger. The two played, trained, and fought together frequently. After a while, Beachpaw developed a crush on the gray tabby, but Covepaw didn't return her feelings. He never told her this, mainly because he never detected her growing attractions. Once he was selected to be leader, the two grew a bit distant, and Beachpaw lost her feelings for him. They do remain as friends, although they haven't been able to talk much anymore.


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Character Pixels


  • He will live a long and prosperous life, in which he dies as a leader at an elderly age peacefully in his sleep, shortly after playing with kittens like the dork he is.
    • At the time of Lakestar's death, there had been no new chosen deputy, because the old leader had a plan. Because BayClan was going through a dark time and no longer living up to its typical young and immature attitude, he secretly selected his young apprentice, Covepaw as the next leader, so he may return BayClan to its peaceful and happy-go-lucky state.