Creekfrost is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current HoneyClan
Age 30 moons
Status Living
Debut HoneyClan/Roleplay/Archive 1
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling Talonfang
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Patchfeather

Creekfrost is a tall, skinny, handsome, sturdy, short-furred, battle-scarred black tom with almond shaped ice-blue eyes, a long, thin, whippy tail, a broad, narrow face and large torn ears.



Creekfrost is tall, sturdy and handsome, with strong muscles and a thin, well toned body. His legs are long and thin, perfect for running. Creekfrost isn't a very big, buff cat though, so during combat, cats can underestimate his strength.
He has a long, narrow head, with high cheekbones and a black nose. He has big ears, which are torn and ripped from battles, or just snagging them on thorns. His whiskers are long and white. Creekfrost has a long, whippy tail with a puffy tip. He has a notable scar that begins on his right cheek, goes across his nose, in between his eyes, and ends just above his left eye, on his forehead.
Creekfrost has a short, thick, sleek, night-black pelt, which blends him in well with shadows. His pelt is criss-crossed with battle-scars, mostly on his neck, chest and legs. His eyes are large, almond shaped, with an icy blue hue.

Health Edit

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Creekfrost is usually kind to who ever he talks to. He can sometimes be very social, but other times it will take a lot of effort to get a word out of him. He enjoys helping his Clan, and is loyal to the bone to them. He could never think about leaving them. He is compassionate as well. Before deciding on things, he likes to get others input because, sometimes, the thing he thinks is right could be wrong, so he gets others to help him out.
When Creekfrost was younger, he was a total coward, but as he grew older, he became couragous and brave at times. He faces his fears, even if there's a chance he'll die, he'll risk it if it's important enough. At times he can be very energetic and loud, but he's usually calm and quiet, and he is very shy sometimes.
Like everyone though, Creekfrost does have his downsides. He becomes depressed easily, when he is, he usually doesn't talk very much and acts cold towards others. One of his biggest flaws is his overprotectiveness, but that can be useful at times, he always found some way to blame himself for his families and friends deaths, and wants to keep them close to him and not let that happen again, so he often hovers near them. He usually cracks under stress, and may snap at others. He is usually very anxious for no apparent reason as well, and often gets anxiety attacks.
When he upsets someone, as in angered them, or someone is just mad, he won't care if he doesn't know them, but if he is close to them, even if he has nothing to do with it, he feels guilty and wants to hide from them until it blows over. He can be very aggressive and even hurt or threaten to kill cats, but this is very rare, and when he is very wound up.


Creekfrost is a good fighter, although not as strong as most, he relies more on swiftness. He also can surprise cats with his strength, as he doesn't look too powerful.
His swiftness also comes in handy with hunting. He is a fast runner, and can run for quite a long time before tiring. He is good at tree climbing and tree hunting, and enjoys being up off the ground to get a view of the land, he feels bigger and more powerful up in the branches.
He hates water and cannot swim. He usually just starts to panic and flail around when he's in a river, instead of actually trying to swim. But he doesn't mind being in the shallow areas that much, but he still doesn't like the way the water feels.
Creekfrost's memory can differ. He can have an amazing one or a terrible one. His black pelt can hide him in the shadows, which could be useful.


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Talonfang: Living


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Trivia Edit

  • Creekfrost has Orienta and Siberianl ancestory.