"His birth had never been intentional. Wherever there is light and happiness in the world, there is darkness and hatred."

Enero is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current Loners & Rogues (future: The Pack)
Shadows that Lurk in Heart
Age 27 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Starlight Shining upon Earth
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unnamed Deceased kittens, Ebony Shadows under Mountain, Galaxy of Vibrant Stars
Mate None
Kits None
Owner whiskers

Enero is a brawny dark tabby tom



How could such a famous murderer actually appear attractive in the eyes of the mollies? Enero is an overall well-built and muscular cat, because of how many moons he has spent training. His fur adds to his intimidating appearance: dark in color, patterned with mackerel tabby stripes. He has a dense and medium-length pelt, which isn't glossy and sleek like that of a kittypet. Instead, his fur is soft and fuzzy, prickling and sticking up like needles regardless of how often he grooms it. Enero's fur makes him appear even larger because of how "poofy" it is. Despite being a famed killer and rather scary guy, Enero prides in keeping his coat clean. He hates leaving blood on it. The tom's also famous for the fluffy lion-mane-like ruff around his neck.
Of a clear maine coon ancestry (despite having no actual parents), Enero is a towering and atheltic feline. He's a very fit fellow when it comes to the body, with a muscular build and strong bone structure. He has long legs ending in large paws, giving him his tall and intimidating appearance. Coming Soon


Enero is a literal fearless and merciless being, and someone to avoid at any and all costs. Born out of the darkness and cruelness in the world, he lacks mercy and fear. He is a savage who will heartlessly tear apart a kitten in front of his or her mother without another thought. He will jump into a pit that leads to nothing but oblivion, laughing in the faces of his enemies all the meanwhile. To put all rumors to rest, he is truly a monster. Should one come across his path, their best option is to flee. Angering the tom is only a foolish idea; he's no force to play with. One needs to choose their words wisely around him, because no pain, no fear, and no task will keep him from hunting his enemies down, and making them suffer unimaginable pain.
The tom is down-right determined. As previously mentioned, he will not hesitate to get his revenge, even if it means he'll suffer incredible pain. No task is too daunting in his mind, and he will stop at nothing to get his job done. If he wants something, Enero will do anything he must do in order to get whatever he desires. Enero holds grudges, and he's not one for forgetting. The tom enjoys getting his revenge, most say he bathes in a lake of the blood of those who have done him wrong. He will not hesitate to hunt someone down to the edges of the earth.
Heartless, however, he is not. Although the tom embodies no fear or mercy, he does have a heart, and he does care for certain beings...but rarely. To gain his trust is a long and trying test, but in the end, certainly worth-while. However, those who attempt to befriend him and then do him wrong usually suffer the most. Nonetheless, Enero will guard his strongest relationships to the best he possibly can. Those who mess with his closest allies, mess with him. Enero is extremely intelligent, despite what most tend to think, and shockingly patient. He will wait for the perfect moments to strike, even if he has to wait a hundred moons. He is secretly sensitive and (obviously) short-fused. Enero is easily offended by the wrong words of when someone says the wrong thing, they never talk again. Because he killed them, duh.


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  • His creation was completely unintentional. When Starlight created Galaxy from light and goodness, Enero was born from the remaining darkness and evil.
  • He's being kept around, because his plans sounded cool.