Current HoneyClan
Age 28 moons (Approx. 2.34 Years)
Status Living
Debut Feb 25, 2015
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Sibling Unknown
Mate Unknown
Kit Unknown
Mentor Elmwhisker
Owner Rainlegs

Fishfang, formerly known as Chinook, is a handsome, purebred Siamese tom, with seal points. He is a former kittypet, having been owned by a breeder, and sired three litters before he escaped to explore the world. He stumbled upon HoneyClan after being lost for so long, and was soon accepted as a warrior.



Fishfang has a broad, strong chest, to balance his narrower hips. His body is tubular in shape. His legs are long, and are padded with slender, yet tough, muscles. His hind legs sit up higher than his front legs. His tail is long and slender, tapering gradually to a fine point, and his small, oval, and rather dainty paws have webbed toes. His head is long and wedged-shaped, starting from his nose and going out towards his ears, to form a triangle. His ears are unusually large, being wide at the base and pointed at the tip, to look especially triangular. He has medium-sized almond eyes, which are a deep, vivid blue.
His short coat is fine, being a pale fawn in color and ending in deep seal points. His coat sheds less than average, too. His nose and pawpads are covered in a dark brown leather.


Being a former show-cat and stud, Fishfang is in prime condition. His body is strong and healthy, and his coat benefits from the oils and supplements his twolegs used to feed him to keep it soft. He has had all of his immunizations, so he is far less prone to disease than his clanmates, and his last flea treatment was strong enough to still ward them off his coat today.
For mental health, Fishfang is doing pretty well. His mind is sharp and his senses are keen, so he shows no sign of illness.


Fishfang is notably intelligent and snarky, and enjoys talking. He has easily adapted to the social aspects of clan life. He has a regal, important air about him, and he keeps his good looks as a toy to use among the eager she-cats in the clan. He is notably flirtatious, and comes across as cocky and confident.
However, Fishfang is actually very nervous about clan life. He is aware some of his clanmates don't accept him due to his kittypet roots, but he tries not to let that get him down too much. For the time being, he is very careful about his words, and avoids conversing too much with high-ranking cats, so that they aren't inclined to banish him. He enjoys making friends, and can feel a few close relationships starting to grow around him. Fishfang tends to be neutral to many situations, and acts neither optimistic nor pessimistic. He dislikes cats who are too cocky like him, or wildly optimistic, but tends to gravitate towards pessimists and other intelligent or well-informed cats like him.
He feels a little lonely, and wouldn't mind a mate in the Clan, and definitely looks forward to being able to raise his own kits someday.


Thanks to his healthy, oily coat, and slightly webbed paws, Fishfang is a graceful swimmer, which in part earned him his name with the breeder. The same ideas were noted in his naming ceremony. He, being so agile in the water, is one of the clan's best fishers, as he is capable of swimming quickly enough to catch fish from the river, and not just sitting on shore. He is also capable of diving underwater to collect crab and other floor-dwelling prey. Fishfang is also notably strong, and would be a scary opponent if met in battle.
Characteristic to his breed, Fishfang is highly intelligent, and can also make a wide variety of sounds with his mouth. He tends to be a lot more vocal than his clanmates, and can easily mimic other cat's meows.


Kithood and Adolescence

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Several unnamed Siamese she-cats: statuses unknown; most likely living


Several unnamed Siamese cats: statuses unknown; most likely living




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Fishfang thanks his mentor for training him, even though he was a kittypet once. Other then that, Fishfang doesn't know anything about Elmwhisker.


  • He has severe arachnophobia
  • He is bisexual





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