The Clans didn't all start at the same time in this roleplay, instead, they gradually became what they were today after certain events took place. The founders of each Clan, respective to the order of founding are: CS, CS, CS, CS, and CS.
Below is the detailed history of each individual Clan.


Founders: Pepper & Dallas

Leaders: Duststar, Ivystar, Smallstar, Willowstar, Lakestar, Covestar (Current)

Deputies: Webster, Fishfur, Ivycloud, Rockstream, Smallpool, Willowbloom, Splashfoot, Lakeshade, Frogtail, Pebblefang, Ravenshade (Current)

Medicine Cats: CS

BayClan's history has always been considered a great mystery. They are founded by island cats who were transferred to their current territory after moving with their twolegs. They retained their natural affinity for water, and therefore placed their clan at the water's edge. The Clan is very cultural, and traditions are still carried on from their ancient roots that lied within a chain of islands in the ocean.

With taking up their island roots, the Clan is known for being extremely relaxed and chill, likely the most welcoming out of all the factions. BayClan remains extremely peaceful, the clan often keeping to itself and avoiding the tangles of other clans. Instead, they focus on keeping their tradition alive, although they remain a secret power. The Clan is also littered with fantastic lore and many, many gruesome past secrets of betrayal, claimed 'dark magic', murder, black mail, and much more.

It is typical for the leader to be an exceptionally young age, usually taking their position at twenty moons or younger. Covestar, deemed leader at eleven moons, is the youngest recorded leader. Leaders tend to serve long terms, having a wide span of deputies which are typically much older than the leaders themselves. This is because they search for cats with greater widom to help them with their terms.


Founder: Amon

Leaders/Heirs: Seth, Thoth, Thunderstar, Spiderstar

Aides: Iris, Nephthys, Hathor, Wrenflight, Whitestorm

Healers: Isis, Ahmose, Foxstorm, Shadownose

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Founder: Unknown

Leaders: Numerous unnamed cats, Snakestar, Berrystar, Orchidstar (Current)

Deputies: Unnamed cats, Darkstone, Swiftcloud, Berryfur, Nettlefur, Orchidbloom, Hailstorm (Current)

Medicine Cats: CS, Applewhisker (Current)

Perhaps the most popular and famous Clan, HoneyClan is thought to be a bubbly clan full of happiness and nothing but pure joy. Well, that happens to be false. HoneyClan isn't as sweet as its name claims. HoneyClan is a safe-haven for rebels and those who simply want a fresh start. The Clan is likely one of the sassiest and darkest, and its members certainly shouldn't be mingled with. The Clan is ruled by proud cats of strong, selective lines and specific rules. Its members are proud of being thieves of many kinds, from stealing kits, to stealing mere herbs. The rebellious clan doesn't like to follow the rules, so outsiders beware!

This even includes Medicine Cats. Medicine Cats simply have strong knowledge of herbs, and aren't required to meet with StarClan, or even follow the Medicine Cat code. In fact, they are usually urged to take on mates and reproduce, and usually the strongest and most intelligent warriors are 'gifted' the Medicine Cat position. They play an important role on the battle field, and are usually put to work by not only healing the Clan's warriors, but also poisoning and interrogating outsiders. They essentially play the role of an executioner, or along those lines.

HoneyClan is, unusually, extremely violent and picky of the way in which it is ran. Most often, the deputy isn't selected at moon-high, instead, it is battled for among a handful of the strongest and most respected warriors. The medicine cat hardly visits StarClan, as the clan usually isn't on the greatest terms with them. Couples in HoneyClan must prove they are a perfect match through a series of challenging events, and only once they are approved by the leader and medicine cat together may they have kittens...those who break the rules are often never seen again.

Their best-kept secret is their leader. The HoneyClan leader is often a major secret for their own safety. The clan deputy attends the Gathering in their place. Rarely do outsiders - even other clan cats - see the inside of the camp. None know who their leader is. Those who enter the camp...are usually never seen again. HoneyClan cats NEVER say the name of the leader to outsiders. They only refer to them as "leader", " alpha", or "headmaster".


Founder: Lyra

Leaders: Vega, Sirius, Ivystar, Asterstar

Deputies: Vega, Sirius, Ivyfoot, Duskshade, Astercloud, Cindersky

Medicine Cats: Rigel, Aludra, Murkstorm, Sageleaf, Smokefoot

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Founder: Hyacinth

Healers/Leaders: Lily, Dahlia, Freesiastar, Fennelstar

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Tribes & OthersEdit

Tribe of Dripping HoneyEdit

Founder: Starlight Shining upon Earth (Star-seeker)
Seers: Starlight Shining upon Earth (Star-seeker), Ebony Shadows under Mountain (The Proud), Pebble that Rolls Down Mountain (Lost Soul), Sparks Born from Flames (The Savior), Galaxy of Vibrant Stars (New Dawn)
Archons: Delta where Fish Leap (GR), Echo that Rings Through Forest (CG), Rumble within Mountain (MR), Amber Trapping Ant (CG), Twig under Tall Trees (CG), Flickering Flame in Forest (MR), Mud Puddle by River (GR), Oak Sapling by Cave (GR), Hum from Beehive (MR), Mudslide after Dark Storms (GR) (Current), [[Wolf who Hunts Alone) (MR) (Current), TBD (CG) (Current)

Surprisingly, the Tribe of Dripping Honey was not lead by a Seer at first, but by its three first Archons: Delta where Fish Leap, Echo that Rings Through Forest, and Rumble within Mountain. The group itself, however, was founded by Starlight Shining upon Earth, although he did not lead the tribe at first. He held a strong connection with the Ancestors, and was the one who gathered a group of cats to worship the ancients as well. They had no leader at first, until Delta, Echo, and Rumble offered themselves up as leaders and split up the roles. However, they got along terribly and bickered like an old couple, and weren't as strongly bonded to the Ancestors as Starlight was. So, the Ancestors picked Starlight as their leader, and blessed him and his line with unbelievable powers. Seers, upon their first ceremony, are given a "title" by the Ancestors that will describe their era.

Overtime, only Starlight's descendants were chosen as Seers because of their amazing abilities. It was common for the Seer to sacrifice their mate and unselected kittens to the Ancestors; however, this was deemed inhumane and later outlawed. However, the Seer's offspring have continued to be the only selected successor. Those who are not related to the Seer or Starlight are not selected as the Seer.

A well-respected group, other factions have a tendency to ignore the peaceful tribe, unless they are seeking advice. The Tribe of Dripping Honey is comprised of intelligent, well-mannered, and generally mature members who have a strong bond with their ancestors. The tribe is closely bonded, and tends to be the "oracles" for the surrounding Clans. Most Clan cats were descended from ancient tribal members from the tribe, and as a result, the clans occasionally look up to them as "parental figures".

The history of the Tribe mainly focuses on a lack of a proper home. Throughout the ages, the Tribe had a major issue with finding a proper location to settle, chased out by a plethora of troubles. In the recent moons, they finally found a proper home. But because of all of their past travels, they have many of lost, scattered past members, trying desperately to find their way home...