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Current HoneyClan
Medicine Cat:
Juniperpaw, Juniperleaf
Age Approx. 29 Moons Old (Approx. 2.41 Years)
Status Living
Debut Sunshadow's Revenge, HoneyClan Archive I
Mentor Sedgecloud
Apprentice Dewpaw
Medicine Cat Position
Predecessor Sedgecloud
Owner Mink

Juniperleaf, nicknamed June, is a blue cream tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. She is the medicine cat of HoneyClan, currently mentoring Dewpaw as her successor.




Juniperleaf takes after her mother in size and stature, holding a slender, elegant appearance and being noticeably smaller than the normal cat. She's not as tall, but she's not as small either. Her slightly small size gives her quite a bit of advantage in her skills, and it's even said she'd be a good pick for the next leader. Juniperleaf has a bit of a foreign-like build to her body, with her muscles shaping pretty much every inch of it with little to no fat at all. She does, however, take more of an appearance of foreign-like look similar to that of her mother.. Her head is slightly narrow forming more of a flat-oval shape than that of her mother or father and her muzzle seems to become more plump, noticeably like that of her aunt. She manages to maintain a small jawline, although her jaws are very strong, with a slender throat. Her voice differs from that of her parents, her accent taking on more of a Irish accent than others.
Her ears are small and are a mixture of rounded and pointed, but not nearly as large as her father's. Her back and torso are slender-built, with a curved and muscular appearance. She, however, manages to maintain that slender, elegant look as well. Although, they have some broad-like shape to them it isn't very noticeable. Her thin legs support most of her weight, and her legs have quite a bit of muscle to them much like that of her stomach and back. Although her legs altogether are strong, her back legs are more noticeably strong and more muscled than that of her front legs. Her tail is especially longer than usual giving her great balance. Juniperleaf's teeth are quite sharp, being more sharp than well-rounded. Her teeth are a creamy-white color and her canines, the two on the top sides of her mouth, are rather short, but slightly longer than her other teeth.
Juniperleaf's fur, in her childhood, had a soft, but bristle-like supporting more of adult like feel to it. Now her fur has grown out more and she's shed pretty much mostly all of that and now has soft, dense fur that feels more like wool. Her fur actually holds a sleek, glossy look to it similar to that of a Kittypet, but she does however take pride in this and manages to keep it groomed some of the time. At the times that her fur is not groomed it tends to get rather ragged-looking and oily. Her fur length is pretty long for a short-haired cat, and this keeps her rather warm during leaf-bare.
Her base pelt color is a diluted color of a grey-brown giving off a muddy gray color, but tends to turn to more of that of a dark grey. Her next few layers of fur consist of colors like that of pale brown, ginger, and some white that usually stay more along her stomach and paws as well as her tail tip. Although, her fur is somewhat thick, she sheds quite a bit during the Greenleaf so that her fur is rather thin and this helps her quite a bit in Greenleaf.
Juniperleaf's eyes sit in a fixed position a few inches above her nose and nose bridge. Her eyes are a overall color of pale blue shifting to more of that of a paler sky blue as the seasons change. Her eyes also have that grey-like color to them more near her irises and darken as it nears the schlera. When ill her eyes however change to a dull-looking blue that seems to be more grey than blue.


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Unnamed Tom: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Unnamed Molly: Deceased; StarClan Resident


Two Unnamed Brothers: Deceased; StarClan Residents


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Ordered from most recent to first.


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Unnamed SugarClan Medicine Cat

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