Placeholder cat
Current BayClan
Given Oakface
Age 44 moons
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Deputy Position
Predecessor Covestar
Owner Tatum

Oakface is a handsome tom with thick, shaggy, dark brown fur, amber eyes, rather large front paws and a small scar just above his left eye. Although older than a large portion of the other cats in BayClan, he is silly and immature, though serious when need be.



Oakface has been called by several cats throughout the Clan to be rather handsome. His thick, dense dark brown hair, while not much of a help during the greenleaf months, protects him from the harsh winter months, helps him blend in with the foliage to help him stalk prey, and repels water greatly despite the fact that his pelt becomes soaked and incredibly heavy when he steps out of the water. He has small, curious yellow-amber eyes and features a small scar just above the left that he received one day when he was swimming; he spotted a fish and dove down to kill it but greatly overshot it and got a deep cut over his eye from a sharp rock. Additionally, Oakface was also born with oddly large front paws that apparently he himself was not meant to deal with, as he is a little bit on the clumsy side.


Oakface is known to be a somewhat compulsive, absentminded, goofy cat. He can be rather hostile and cold to enemies and strangers but will gradually begin to warm up to others as he gets to know them. Despite being older than a majority of the Clan, he often acts like he's just a silly little kit. However, when things get serious, he calms down and becomes more professional. Although not necessarily the strongest or fastest or bravest cat in the Clan, he is very strategic and is often put in charge of planning for patrols and battles.


He is typically very healthy and clean, although prone to catching cold in leafbare.


As stated above, Oakface is not the strongest, nor swiftest, nor bravest cat in the clan, but he is extremely strategic and excellent at planning. Despite his clumsiness, he has great motor skills and excellent eyesight.


Kithood & Adolescence

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