Current BeeClan
Past Loner, Kittypet
Age 24 moons old (2.0 years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Unknown Kittypet Tom
Unknown Loner (foster)
Mother Unknown Kittypet Queen
Unknown Loner (foster)
Sibling Unknown Kittypets
Mate None
Kits None
Owner ^This cat is a babe

Sycamoreflower is a dilute calico with pretty amber of British Shorthair origins. She is currently a warrior in BeeClan. She known for being nervous and anxious molly with a mothering instinct.



Her height is relatively average, though she isn't fully grown, by the time she reaches the age of three years she will probably be of average height. She is a bit above the average in weight and is a bit chubby. She has semi-cobby built to herself with short bull neck. She has a board chest, shoulders, and hips, overall her body has nice rounded feel to it.
Her coat has very plush feel it, very easy to take care of. Her coat color is white with splashes of gray and cream tabby around her body. She has a bit of cream on her muzzle and darker nosebridge.
Her head is rounded with chubby cheeks, making her appear as if she is always smiling. Her nose is short and board and is a shade of dark pink. Her pawpads however are light shade of pink, and her right hind paw pad has splash of gray on it. Her eyes are large and round, like an owl's, she has been often affectionately called owl-eyes. They are pretty shade of amber, and her ears are an average size with round tips. 


Sycamoreflower has a fairly strong immune system, she catches colds every once and awhile, maybe sometimes a serious disease. She keeps as fit as she can, though she more prone to obesity, she is aware of this and tries stay on a healthy weight for a clan cat. She eats roughly two to one meals a day. Her coat very dense which great on colder nights, but she can have problems with it on hotter days. Around Warmer Months, because her of her coat, she tends to stay in the shade to try and prevent herself into overheating and going into a heat stroke.
Sycamoreflower for some parts is a bit mentally stable, but her background has brought up a great deal of trauma and anxiety to the poor cat. She has does have Panic Disorder and which a serious condition that cause panic attacks with any reasons, this anxiety may have been caused by her history. She has both social anxiety and generalized anxiety, from her great deal of anxiety she has developed a little a bit of paranoia.


To some extend, Sycamoreflower is pretty quiet and even-temper cat. She's quite shy and very nervous around new cats, she often doesn't talk to cats she doesn't know and often feels every uneasy around new surroundings. Under amounts of pressure, she can be prone to either snapping or going into a panic attack. She hates going into panic attack, because she's aware of how they could kill her. Anyone who causes her go into a panic attack is cat that she avoids.
She hates, really hates to disobey or displease her leader, more in fear of backlash. She has aversion to touch, and often flinches when touched. She's also known to coward down when being yelled at. She really doesn't want nor like to mention her upbringing, she feels very uncomfortable about the topic and will avoid it when she can. She obeys orders often to a tee in order to please others. She really doesn't want to get most cats angry at her in fear of what they could do.
She's flat out terrified of humans and refuses to go anywhere near one or else she might go into panic attack caused by her extreme fear of humans. Because her social anxiety and paranoia, she very distrustful of other cats, it really takes time for her to really trust another cat. She believes if a cat gets close to they will either die or betray her in some form of way. Her history has caused to have a hard to really love another cat. As way of coping, Sycamoreflower became aromantic, meaning she doesn't feel any romantic towards another cat, though she can feel the love of family or friends. To her loved ones, she's is flat out over-protective, she's extremely worried that if she doesn't protect them, then they will die.
She is very motherly, she enjoys watching and caring for kits, to her it's very calming thing. She often acts a mother to almost anyone would is close to her. Older than her? Younger than her? She will end becoming you're second mother without a question. She is definitely the cat you would want to entrust kits to, she would be first choice for any time there orphan kittens or the kittens of mother's who don't want them. She will take in all kinds of kittens and raise them as her own childern.


She's not the best of fighters, due her aversion to touch and her flinching when paws get near her have gotten in the way of she ability of fighting. She's pretty decent hunter and tracker, but her main ability is her motherly instincts.


Kithood & AdolescenceEdit

Carmilla was raised as kittypet and bought by twoleg couple as present for their kid. The twolegs weren't great owners and made the household generally toxic. She escaped one day when the babysitter opened a windows. She changed her name to Carmella and raised by a loner couple until they ran into some trouble.
A rather terrible group of loners had basically captured her and killed her foster parents. She managed to escape, and has had spent most her time avoiding the group. Some time later she ends up joining BeeClan under the name Sycamoreflower.




Unknown Kittypet: Status Unknown; Mostly Likely Living

Foster Mother

Unknown Loner: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Unknown Kittypet: Status Unknown; Mostly Likely Living

Foster Father

Unknown Loner: Deceased; Residence Unknown


Unknown Kittypets: Status Unknown; Mostly Likely Living








  • She's a Trauma Aromantic Bisexual





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